Thursday, December 18, 2008

Well, as a lot of you know, my only escape from this mundane world is to create one of my own. I mean, of course, is my writing. I haven't talked about very much in detail and would like to shed some light into my dark imagination. My primary writing project is my comic book stories.

My main one is a comic called Winter. It details the life of a teen with the ability to coat solid object with a think layer of ice and the ability to create ice-based weather with his emotion. He slowly turns from an average youth to a vengeful hero seeking something. He is not sure if it is justice... or revenge. His story line goes as follows.

Winter - The first part of the series which details Markus White/Winter gaining his abilities, losing his mother, and the sudden realization that his father and mother’s murder was actually foul play at the hands of his father’s former colleague turned insane psychopath in a robotic suit who goes by the name Skull.

Winter: Romance and Tragedy (tentative title) - Markus White deals with relationship troubles as he feels threatened by a hotshot Broadway rising star. The rising star soon reaches tragedy when a pyrotechnic misfires and horribly scars him for life, causing him to lose his job and his sanity. Also, a mysterious female causes more trouble by flirting with Markus and fighting with Winter with her heat-based powers.

Winter - World Without Rules - The island of Manhattan is taken over by an mysterious masked female hacker preaching anarchy over the whole United States. The whole city is evacuated and left empty with the exception of the military, Winter and the masked hacker, leaving the city to be their playground as they fight a game without any rules.

Another series I am working on is the one I wrote the most on. Here it’s synopsis.

The Big Ten - five young teenagers with incredible powers run from a evil corporation known as the Masters Corporation with the aid of a old, discredited scientist who was apart of their creation and their five counter parts.

The Big Ten: Three Years Later - The five young adults reunite, learn more about their past and decide to bring down the Masters Corp once and for all, and this time they will have a little help from a rival corporation.

Allister’s Guardians - The former member of the Big Ten project deal with their new life, which includes a secret organization known as the Agency who purpose is to ensure the safety of the nation, personal relationships among it’s member and escape of Jonathan Masters, the former CEO and founder of the now defunct Masters Corp.

Allister’s Guardians: No World for Tomorrow - In the wake of Allister’s murder, the group overcomes tragedy, lost love, and the presence of new enemies and old enemies alike as Jonathan Masters surfaces with a new project.

Allister’s Guardians: The Underground Race - In order to catch a villainous extortionist, several members of the team enter a underground race for a cash prize and a surprise trophy that makes this race all the more deadlier.

Allister’s Guardians: The Birth of Antichrist/Messiah (tentative title) - A women pregnant with a child that holds a powerful gift becomes the target of both the good and the evil as the members of the Guardians must protect her from all evils in the world.

So that’s a fraction of what I am working on. I’d show you some of my work, but A) They are either not written yet or still in editing and B) all my files are on the hardrive of a broken computer. I’m still trying to get it fixed.

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